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I took a break from needle crafts for a few days, well not really but i did work on some other things, I have Candy Corn softees cut out i just have to sit and sew them.  and i made these Halloween Lanterns, which i love and once I have more jars ill make some more. the tutorial is here.

I havent been neglecting my knitting, i finished an owl hat but im still working out two different patterns and hopefully those will be available soon.


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sometimes i start a project and i love finish it and he holds a nice place in photos and real life, other times they end up here in the frogging basket, because well by that point im just so irritated i take it out on my poor basket.

a lot of things were frogged over the weekend with the hope that the yarn will be weaved into much nicer things.  I have on the needles pumpkin seeds, and the start of 4 owl hats for christmas, as well as a shawl i have to work on in private.

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