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One of my Favorite things around this time of year  are Snowmen, they are just so cute and fluffy and hrm i’m rambling.

I stitched this little guy up and just thought he was so damn cute! I found him in the book:


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I found a cross stitch pattern book that i absolutley fell in love with,  it is called Sample the Seasons, if you remember i bragged about it here, and here. There are two Christmas samplers, but this is the one i have done at the moment. I started it on Oct. 20th and Finished it on Oct. 20th, but i wanted to wait to include this in my 25 days of Christmas posts.

*click on any of the pictures to see them full sized

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I  havent been making much time to blog lately, ive been reading, and working on Christmas and other crafts. I realized that i never shared my Halloween Crafts, from last month. (better late than never right).

I did Jar Pumpkins that you saw HERE, and a pumpkin hat HERE.

Maddy went as a Garden fairy, I made her tutu, wand, and treat bag which I didn’t get a photo of. But isn’t she cute?

But the piece i was most proud of was I Love Halloween, From Sample the Seasons. They are just the cutest samplers, trust me when I say you will be seeing a lot more from this book in the future.

*click on photo to enlarge

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