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My favorite time of year is finally here, falling leaves, fairs, colors of russet, gold, and pumpkin. The perfect season for knitted wraps and long walks in the woods, leaf piles and laughing kids, evenings knitting by the fire..er it would be if the flu wasn’t still broken, out of the rockwell painting i come. Those are things I long for, its more like chasing kids through leaves, trying to find the mate to last years mitten that does still fit, but giving up and knitting up new ones because who doesn’t love new mittens, I may just knit myself some this year. My handmade Christmas list is growing by the day, and only two things are complete so far..

A long way to go and a short time to get there it seams, But I’ll Manage I always do. Sometimes i wonder why I put myself under this strain every year, I imagine one year I’ll just break down and do commercial shopping for everyone on my list, instead of one large thing for my daughter and everything else hand made. All I know i want to do is sip cider and enjoy some peace and quiet, because before long chaos will ensue.

Back to your regular scheduled knitting….


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